Who is Coti Howell?

Being an aspiring television reporter with a unique backstory seems like it’d be easy to get people to take notice but with hundreds of people competing for the same jobs it’s never been more difficult.

My love affair with television production and videography began my senior year in high school when I signed up for a co-op photography class. I was bummed to learn that not only was photography only half the year but I was forced to take videography (yawn!) the other half. It didn’t take long for me to be smitten with the world of reporting and videography. We learned to operate cameras, lighting and equipment and how to ad-lib before creating our own shows (news pieces and fluffy pieces like fake dating shows) – we did it all! It didn’t take long for my classmates to grow tired of being an on-camera presence so cue me – the go to reporter. I loved being on camera and let my personality shine through with my silly ad libs.

When I started college the following year, I let this love for reporting be my guide when choosing a major (unlike most of my friends, I never thought twice about changing my major). Sitting in one of my first Communication classes a group of students came to talk to us about “Mocs News”, our campus news station. I spoke with them after knowing I would sign up! I spent the next four years of my college career working the teleprompter, editing scripts, and practicing as a reporter with news and sports packages. I did anything I could to prove myself as a television reporter and videographer and I guess it worked because my senior year I was voted to be our Assistant News Director (a paid position I really wanted). This was the first part of my working resume.

After graduation, I worried about the inconsistency of television reporter jobs and decided to pursue a backup degree even though I had full intentions of pursuing journalism. I started graduate school for my backup plan and as I worked towards a second degree, I worked part-time as a field reporter for a show called Inside Music Row. There I acquired interview skills and more professional ad-lib skills which I still carry with me today.

What I did after this may surprise you…stay tuned.



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