Travel Tip #1

1. Don’t look like a tourist. Whipping out your map on a crowded Bangkok street is a GREAT way to get scammed by a tuk tuk driver for the infamous jewel scam. (This applies to pretty much any city in the world, but especially Asian cities.) Ready your map in the hotel room before hitting the streets to avoid this traveler faux pas.

Lookin’ Like a Tourist


2 responses to “Travel Tip #1

  1. Yes, I agree, BUT: do you think you really look like a local? There’s a lot more than the map that gives it away. We live in a city with a LOT of tourists and we can usually pick out the tourists. So, if you need to use a map, go for it. Hint: shoes, hesitancy in walking, craning your neck as you take in the sights are big giveaways.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. I lived in Bangkok for 2 years and never fell victim to these scams for multiple reasons including ones you pointed out. I was simply warning of the look you give yourself when you become too dependent on your city map in front of a preying tuk tuk driver. Thanks for the feedback!

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