Heypenny takes the “Musicparade” into their own hands

In today’s digital society, up-and-coming music artists can take the business of music into their own hands through Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and YouTube. Unsigned singer/songwriter Joshua Radin released his new album “Underwater” last week and is currently sitting in the top 20 on iTunes. His use of Twitter helped Radin get a strong enough following to market himself without the need of a major record label.

These marketing strategies are catching on here in Nashville as local indie rock band Heypenny markets themselves almost entirely online. They did something very unique with their latest album “Tendre”. They finished recording and mastering the album and then gave it away – for free! They immediately put the album up on Craigslist for free with the realization that the website has many millions of viewers and this could be a great promotional tool.

Heypenny drummer Aaron Distler talks about the ups and downs of marketing a band online saying that Facebook has been a huge help “until they started requiring you to pay to promote. They’ve changed their algorithms to basically force you to pay for views. It’s really unfortunate.” Since the change of Facebook, Heypenny uses Fanbridge to keep up with the many fans they’ve already gained through e-newsletters. They also gain new followers through their visually appealing music and promotional videos. Distler says, “We love making creative little videos to promote shows as well.” Heypenny’s YouTube channel “musicparade” has had over 80,000 views by fans.

Although Heypenny gains a lot of fans through online marketing, they keep fans interested through fast-paced dance concerts where you won’t find a soul in the show standing still. Frontman Ben Elkins and bassist DJ Murphy lead the crowd with their unique dance moves that their fans can’t help but join in on!

For more information on Nashville indie-rock band Heypenny, visit their YouTube page “musicparade” or their website: heypennyband.wordpress.com.


DJ rockin’ out on the bass at a show at The Basement in 2011.


Ben and I after the Heypenny set in 2011.


The Heypenny set last summer at the Basement, 2011.


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