Lady Gaga: Mother Monster in Bangkok

There’s nothing foreign about seeing a superstar music artist in another country. No matter where you are, Lady Gaga fans will dress in extravagant bleach blonde wigs, 9-inch platform heels with studs, and fancy leotards similar to the ones worn by the “Born This Way” singer. Thousands upon thousands of “little monsters” line up to watch her perform her worldwide smash hits in dozens of risqué costume changes. Seeing Mother Monster in Bangkok, Thailand feels like home for this American born little monster.

When our chauffeured mini-van arrives at Rajamangala National Stadium, we’re greeted by hundreds of Thai men, women, and “ladyboys” hoping for photos with 6 Western women. Ladyboys are about as common in Bangkok as traffic, motorbikes, and street shopping but they’re the main difference in seeing Lady Gaga in Bangkok compared to middle America.

Walking to our seats, we stopped in awe of one woman’s incredible “Bad Romance” inspired costume. She was wearing a white blonde bob wig, gold square sunglasses, a self made gold sequined mini dress and 6 inch gold studded heels. She even had the pointy nails to match! But when you realize this woman isn’t a woman at all is when you realize you aren’t in Kansas anymore.

During the Thailand show, Lady Gaga shed a few tears over how accepted even the most unique of individuals are in Bangkok. No matter where in the world she is, Mother Monster brings fans of all religions, sexual orientations and races together as one and when she starts to perform, we all feel like we’re home.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Ticket

Bangkok seems to be ahead of the States with hard plastic keepsake tickets!


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