Blonde in Delhi: Day 3

Our last day in Delhi was Christmas day and we started our day with a visit to Humayuns tomb, which was built by the same family who built the Taj Mahal. We continued to see the architecture similar to the other mosque we visited and along the Delhi roads.  What first caught my eye when we got into Humayuns tomb wasn’t the architecture but the puppies. Near the first gate were two tiny puppies – very malnourished. After walking a bit longer, we found yet another skinny puppy. This is very difficult for me to see – I wanted to feed, bathe, and adopt them all but unfortunately I couldn’t. I had to pry myself away and try to keep my mind off of these poor animals.

After touring more of the temple I fell in love with the sweetest dog in the whole world. It was the mother to the puppies I had seen earlier. She was the saddest thing I’ve ever seen but so lovable! I found a granola bar in my purse and fed her half of it. She scarfed it down in one bite and begged for more so, of course, I obliged and gave her the rest of my bar. She followed me around for the rest of the afternoon and was so happy to be fed anything. It was heartbreaking and I really still can’t stop thinking about this experience.

Humayuns Tomb was the first time in India where I was heartbroken by an animal and the first experience with the Indian paparazzi. I was told before coming to India that it was quite the experience being a blonde tourist there. I wasn’t prepared for the swarms of people who wanted a photo of me, with me, with their mom, with their child, with their cousin. It was insane! I probably took 60 pictures that day and heard the weirdest things from various men:

1. “Hey sis, you lookin’ gorgeous”
2. “I WILL remember you.”
3. “What nation are you from?”

It was a bizarre experience for sure.

So it’s day 3 in India and so far no one has really gotten sick. Sure the occasional upset stomach occurred but that is the extent of it! We’ve almost escaped Delhi without Delhi belly! Hopefully we make it to Agra without getting sick! Merry Christmas from Delhi!


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