I am addicted to infinity scarves and talented people.


One style of the wedding sashes at Honeybee Customs!

While wasting time in between literary labors on Facebook, I recently discovered a dear friend from college has started her own crafty company.

Honeybee Customs (super cute name, right?) specializes in mainly wedding and holiday decor.

I’ve always noticed those fancy little chair sashes that brides & grooms always have but never knew where to get them. Why not message Melissa and get an adorable one that is great quality?


Bow from Honeybee Customs.

She also makes these gorgeous bows that you can put on your mailbox for the holidays or even if you’re having a party or expecting a child.

She recently surprised me with this gorgeous scarf she made. I am obsessed with infinity scarves right now – they’re so easy to use and adorable on.

She mixed a couple of fabrics and perfected my style without me even choosing a fabric! I’m so pleased with her work I had to share it with you.

If you’re looking for chair sashes for a wedding or something holiday themed (hey Valentine’s day is right around the corner) go to her Facebook page (be sure to like it while you’re there) or shoot her an email at orders@honeybeecustoms.com.

I bet if you’re really nice, she may even make you one of these gorgeous infinity scarves!


My new infinity scarf! I love it so much! Thanks, Honeybee Customs!


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