Never bake cookies without butter.

I had a really bad sugar craving today. I’m broke. And I’m also out of key ingredients for baking cookies, yet I was determined.

I’m out of butter.

I did a google search for cookie recipes & found a bunch sans butter so despite the first comment on this recipe say “THIS IS TERRIBLE!” I baked on.

Halfway through baking I realized I didn’t have vanilla extract. Yet another key sugar cookie ingredient.

I shook the empty vanilla bottle dry as a bone and still had hope the cookies would be edible.

They finished and were, as the commenter said, TERRIBLE.

So I thought, “Why not make a frosting to disguise the taste?”

I mixed up a cream cheese icing, halfway through realizing again I was in fact out of villa, and they were still TERRIBLE!

So I learned something in my most recent baking adventure: do not make cookies without butter. Just don’t. They’re terrible.

They are pretty cute though! Sprinkles make everything better.



2 responses to “Never bake cookies without butter.

  1. Try looking up vegan cookie recipes next time you’re out of the usual staples. I’m not vegan, but there are some awesome recipes out there for anything you can think to bake that use subs brilliantly. I’m particularly fond of the recipes I’ve found on the Post Punk Kitchen website. Awesome stuff. Best of luck!

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