One day I want my own dark room…

My senior year of high school we had the option of taking classes at another campus, ones that were more career-based. I saw videography on the list and excitedly signed up.

I was so excited to learn more about video. It was just an  added bonus that I also got to spend an entire half day away from school.

Then we found out the year would be divided, half the year in videography and the other half in photography.


It was safe to say I was pissed.

I’m a terrible photographer (yes, even now despite several photography class attempts) and have realized I just don’t have an eye for photographs.

I was going to spend an entire semester learning something that I loathed – and was terrible at – I’m a perfectionist too so this didn’t fly.

I sat through morning after morning learning about ‘f-stop’ and ‘aperture’ and I still don’t remember the difference.

Finally we got to the good stuff: taking photos and using the dark room!

I have vivid memories of exposing my photographs and watching them come to life. It’s so exciting to see your own creativity come from nothing.

This is why I have decided that one day, I want my own dark room.


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