As if I needed another reason to smile today. Thanks, Lumineers!

A few weeks ago I made the best music choice I’ve made all year.

I finally purchased The Lumineers self-titled album that I’d been dying to listen to.

Last September, I’d been listening to the radio and “Ho Hey” came on. I had heard the song a few times but never knew who sang it.

Thanks to Shazam I found out it was my new found love, The Lumineers.

I’ve been religiously listening to that album and am completely obsessed. It is one of the best albums I have bought in quite some time (maybe since Foster the People’s last album came out).

On first listen, there are always songs that immediately stick out to me. On this album it was “Stubborn Love.” With these lyrics, how could it not:

It’s better to feel pain, than nothing at all. The opposite of love’s indifference

So I was smitten. And lo and behold, TODAY the music video premiered. Thanks, VH1.

Enjoy. Use this as your reason to smile today.

PS – I have lots to smile about today. I get to see my boyfriend after two very long weeks tonight. I get to get mom & puppy hugs tomorrow. And I’ll spend the whole weekend eating delicious food and soaking in family time at Mardi Gras. To follow my (family friendly) adventures this weekend, check out my other blog Coti Howell Traveler.


6 responses to “As if I needed another reason to smile today. Thanks, Lumineers!

  1. I love Foster the People, so I thought that I might also like the Lumineers (whom I’ve never heard of before). I therefore went to search for Ho Hey on Spotify, and what a great song! Thanks for the tip:)

    • I haven’t listened to the new Muse album yet, but I highly recommend this one. Muse is pretty spectacular, too. Let me know what you decide!

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