Matt Nathanson headlines Nashville’s Live On The Green

Enjoying The Mowgli's at Live On The Green.

Enjoying The Mowgli’s at Live On The Green.

Nashville music fans, Live On The Green is finally back! I missed the first week but was lucky enough to grab some friends and head down last week for Erin McCarley, The Mowgli’s and Matt Nathanson.

We were a little late for the show so we missed fellow Nashvillian Erin McCarley but caught most of The Mowgli’s and all of Matt’s sets.

I have been absolutely addicted to The Mowgli’s “Great Divide” since my Songza app played it on the Alt-Pop playlist and recently downloaded a couple of their albums. All in all, I’ve really enjoyed it and found favorites with “Emily” and “San Francisco.” I was really stoked to catch them live! I knew the band was pretty large but it still took me by surprise seeing all those talented musicians on one stage (they looked like they were having a blast!). I was overall pretty impressed with their sound live and loved the high energy the group kept throughout the show.

Next up was Matt Nathanson. I hadn’t heard much of his music but have always had a soft spot for “Come On Get Higher” so I had to stick it out until he played that one (which would, of course, be at the very end). I wasn’t crazy impressed with Matt, but I did find a few songs I loved enough to purchase an album. “Mission Bells” is one of them. He also grinds with his guitar on stage a little too often! Still, I’m happy I got to check him out live. And it was free. 🙂

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